The Game has changed

2020 is already up on us. For us here at the SNMP we see a new way to live our life’s. This year we are striving to give more information to all about what you will need to succeed in life.

All of us are trying to make our situation better and this organization knows that the wave of distraction on an ongoing basis does not help make good decisions. Living paycheck to paycheck is the new dream, let alone find a way to improve our situation.

For this year, we hope to start a conversation into how to keep our new year’s resolution alive to change or be better throughout the year. All of us know the struggle of work, family and our own growth. With all this running around we forget the one true fact, we will fail if we try to do this ourselves. We cannot be everything to everybody 24/7, this is a recipe for disaster. We always do better when we are helping one another out.

I challenge all of you to think what you wish to improve and be consistent throughout the year. It is not just about getting that yearly gym membership that will be collecting dust by the end of February, but strive to push yourself to start and then to look for improvement. The game has changed this year, it is no longer ok to just survive, we have to thrive. We have to get out of our comfort zone and push our envelopes. And if we fail? This is not bad……how else are you going to learn? The best teacher is failure, and that is where we can start.