Programs / Services

Thanksgiving 2021

This year the Southern New Mexico Project was able to distribute 200 turkeys to the Sunland Park Community. Included with the turkey were a bag of potatoes, and a bag of goodies. We are grateful for all who donated to make this happen, your generosity and kindness have not been overlooked.



Food Pantry/Despensa

—Food assistance to families who qualify.
—Despensa de Alimentos a familias que califique.

 Community Health Services

The goal of this program is to provide access to health and disease prevention like: Immunization,
screenings, mammograms, Diabetes prevention,
preventive medicine, etc.

La meta del programa de salud es proveer acceso a la prevención de enfermedades como: Inmunizaciones, mamografia, pruebas de salud, prevención de diabetes,
medicina preventiva, etc.


Early childhood from 1 to 5 years. To ensure that children learn to read early and well by providing
encouragement to parents on their role. 
Educación a temprana edad desde 1 hasta 5 años, para asegurar que los niños aprendan a leer bien y den ánimos a los padres en su función.

Workforce Development

—To ensure that the employees hired have the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to help business succeed and strengthen the economy and families. 
—El programa asegura que las personas reclutadas a trabajar tengan la experiencia y destrezas necesarias para ayudar a los negocios a triunfar y fortalecer la economía y las familias.

Providing hope, help, and opportunity to those who need it most.