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The way from here

2020 is done, 2021 will bring opportunity and setbacks to our lives. To some of tus the end of this dark tunnel is in sight while others are still fighting to survive. In all of this, at what ever stage you may be in, the question will come up……. what is the way from here?

You may have lost a loved one, a job, a house, something that meant a lot to you and maybe your loved ones. How do you continue?

It is at this time; we turn to something greater that will give us that extra strength to move forward and continue. But what will we rally behind? Anger or resilience? Will we join the group of people that seek to bend the universe to their will, or will we seek to understand how to be better from all this?

2020 is done, but we find ourselves at the best crossroads of each of our lives, how do we pick up and continue? Because we must continue, there is no pause button nor a way to get off the cray ride. We are stuck on the seat and wea re heading to the top of the roller coaster hill, eventually we will head down again.


This is a great opportunity to learn how to focus on our resiliency. This is a skill that gives dividends in exponential ways, to be prepared and willing to face the most difficult times in our lives and not let it . overcome us. To learn the skill to endure and stay the course no matter how long it takes, a person strong in resiliency knows that he will outlast any hardship.

We all face harsh adversities at one time or another. Sometimes the worst, hardest and most horrible times in our lives. To be resilient is to know that you are here for the long haul, the good, the bad, the horrible and the unexpected, it is all the same. Two questions that start this journey are, what do you control and what do you not control?

You have heard this, so this is not new, but what better time to put this to use. What better time to learn how to outlast any major obstacle by just realizing you can do what you control, and what you cannot control just let go. How do you respond, not REACT, to the upcoming obstacle? How do you realize that no matter what comes, you have yourself and your conviction to see any problem as temporary?

Life is difficult, unfair, it leaves us powerless, frustrated and thinking we have the worst of luck. And if we let it, life will hold us down and crush us under its weight. It is only through that self-defiant act of not giving up, not allowing the circumstances to dictate your actions and your thoughts. It is at that moment, when faced with adversity we have two choices; drive into despair, or rise to solve the problem/opportunity.

This is the opportunity to take a step towards being a better person and define our determination not to quit. And see the dark moment as what it is………….a moment. That is all. Nothing in the universe lasts forever, good or bad. Nothing can remain the same, there are good times and there are bad ones. All of us, in one way or another, go through this loop we have great times and we have hard or sad times.

Realize that the phrase “what ever does not kill us, makes us stronger” may sound a bit cliché-ish, but brings about an inner serenity of hope for trouble times.

If what you face will not end in your destruction/death, then whatever you feel when facing a difficulty is not coming from that difficulty, but from your perception of it. in knowing this, you have the ability to control how you respond to that difficulty.

This is how we get stronger; this is how we learn how to practice for those hard moments that come, but that also go as well. Take this time to learn to work through the adversity to become more resilient, this is a great time. You may not realize it, but what if………?

The Game has changed

2020 is already up on us. For us here at the SNMP we see a new way to live our life’s. This year we are striving to give more information to all about what you will need to succeed in life.

All of us are trying to make our situation better and this organization knows that the wave of distraction on an ongoing basis does not help make good decisions. Living paycheck to paycheck is the new dream, let alone find a way to improve our situation.

For this year, we hope to start a conversation into how to keep our new year’s resolution alive to change or be better throughout the year. All of us know the struggle of work, family and our own growth. With all this running around we forget the one true fact, we will fail if we try to do this ourselves. We cannot be everything to everybody 24/7, this is a recipe for disaster. We always do better when we are helping one another out.

I challenge all of you to think what you wish to improve and be consistent throughout the year. It is not just about getting that yearly gym membership that will be collecting dust by the end of February, but strive to push yourself to start and then to look for improvement. The game has changed this year, it is no longer ok to just survive, we have to thrive. We have to get out of our comfort zone and push our envelopes. And if we fail? This is not bad……how else are you going to learn? The best teacher is failure, and that is where we can start.